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Las Vegas Realtor Helps show Renters How to Find Out if Home is in Foreclosure/Default/Breach

Las Vegas Realtor helps show Renters How to Find Out if Home is in Foreclosure/Default/Breach....

Over the past few weeks I have been spending more time in the field, walking neigborhoods leaving my card, doing bpos and assisting a few on loan modifications.  

While doing that, I've had a few people (renters) ask me or call me after I left my card at their door and ask me if the home was in foreclosure and most recently I was doing a bpo for a bank and as I was taking the exteriors, and the renter came out and ask the same question.

I explained to them how to check out via the county websites on this, and a few of them did know but most did not so I thought I would put these links here so if anyone needs to check on it they can.  I also think this would be a good idea for a prospective renter to check this on the home they may be thinking of moving into.

1.  Go to Clark County Assessor page .. type in the address,  just street # and street name should do it then hit submit (tip: don't put in the word street or ave etc as it won't work, just the street name)

EXAMPLE.....M.W. Schofield, Assessor

Parcel number inquiry - search by Location Address

Please enter all information known and click the SUBMIT button.
If street number is entered, results will include addresses within three (3) blocks.

Street Number:     Street Number must be Numeric
Street Direction:    
Street Name:   * Only required entry Street Name Is Required


2.  This will take you to the next page, a list of address, yours should be the first one, click on it, it takes you to the next page....Real Property Parcel Record.. you are looking for the PARCEL #..


General Information
Parcel No. 123-45-678-041

write down that #........

3. Now in a new browser go to the County Recorders site, here you want to go to where it says parcelNum then enter in the parcel # you wrote down...(TIP: you must leave out the dash..so just type the numbers in no space or dash

Legal Descriptions:
   ParcelNumSubdivisionLot NumberSurvey CertBlockUnit NumberTownshipRangeSectionMap 

Now go Click on where it says DETAIL Data           

Now you will see this page come up with Web Services Detailed Data Results and a bunch of info will show below...

what will be of most interest is if a Notice of Default, Notice of Breach or a Notice of Trustee Sale has been reocorded


Instrument: 20090000-00000 Book/Instr:  
Document Type: Notice of Trustee Sale Recorded: 01/26/2009


If you see a Notice of Trustee Sale.....Google the Trustee's name and you may be able to contact them to find out when the sale date is.

Most of the time the sale date is about 20-30 days from the recorded Trustee Sale date...so if you are renting and you see this,,,make plans to move.

In the past 2 months I have seen a few lenders delaying the trustee sale, but if you are a renter, you don't want to take a chance on a last minute eviction, so plan accordingly.

I hope you find this info useful.


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Great info for your local consumers.  Gave me some ideas of writing something similar in Colorado Springs.

Great job!

Posted by Kathy Torline, Colorado Springs Real Estate Blog 719-287-1049 (ERA Herman Group Real Estate) over 9 years ago


Thanks!  Unfortunately, this has become all too common here and the worst thing is to have the sheriff show up at the door and the renters have no idea.  We have been having a lot of media coverage here to warn renters about this, but many don't know where to check so if it helps just 1 person keep on top of an issue I'm happy for that.


Posted by Las Vegas Real Estate Agent Dawn Barrier, South Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin Homes (eXp Realty) over 9 years ago

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