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Las Vegas Short Sale Homes For Sale

Las Vegas Short Sale Homes For Sale 


It is good news to see these numbers have dropped so much compared to the past few years!


Although these numbers have dropped, we still have some folks that owe more on their mortgage than what the home could sell for and for them a short sale may be their option.


As of this writing there are a bit over 2,300 short sales for sale in the Las Vegas area, of that there a bit over 700 that do not have a buyer contract on them, the others are already under a contract with a buyer awaiting short sale approval from the lender or are in process of closing.


There are 79 short sales that have sold so far this month.


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Las Vegas home buyers: Did you know, if you qualify, there may be down payment/closing costs assistance programs that you may qualify for to assist in your Las Vegas home purchase?


If you are already pre-approved to buy a Las Vegas home, ask your lender if you qualify for any of the programs.


If you are ready buy a home in Las Vegas Now and ready to get pre-approved to purchase a Las Vegas home let us know so you can get pre-approved with a lender as this is the #1 first step you must do in order to start viewing the homes in your price range.




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700 additional seems typical but I'm not an expert. Good luck with everything and also do so with love and light, as per usual.

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