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Buying properties in Las Vegas in a trustee sale and then fix and flip -Is it a good market to do so right now

This was a recent question that was asked over on Trulia  here is my answer.

Fix and flips are happening all over Las Vegas.

I've been to the trustee sales and you better be prepared to pay all cash & compete with some heavy hitters. All price ranges are being flipped from the low to the high.

The best properties are going to the bidders with the most cash.

It is not something to take on without doing a lot of research.

The auctions happen very fast and many still go back to the banks due to having minimum opening bids.

It is risky for those that have never done it before and some "newbies" are bidding properties up to where there may not be a decent margin for profit, but on the other hand, the pros are getting some good deals.

There are a lot of investors buying up real estate in Vegas to buy and hold too.

Hope this helps!

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