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Why a Strategic Short Sale May Make Sense.

This is a great blog on Short Sales Why a Strategic Short Sale May Make Sense.  from Bryant Tutas-Tutas Towne Realty, Inc in Florida. 

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Hi folks. Let's talk about this Strategic Short Sale thing a little. I know there are many people that just can't understand why anybody would do a Short Sale if they can afford their mortgage payment and they do not have a hardship. In fact, there are those that would call this immoral. Well OK then.

My job is not to judge. My job is to inform people so they can make a decision based on facts, their needs and what's best for them. And as much as it sucks a Strategic Short Sale MAY be the best option. Just because someone can afford their mortgage payment does not mean continuing to make it is the best way to go. 

This post will give you some hard cold financial data. Do with it what you may.

First, you have to remember that in my area property values are down 75% and in some communities as much as 85%!!!! Folks that purchased from 2003-2007 with 20% down are still way up side down. Just to put our decline into perspective.....the average house in Poinciana, in the year 2000, sold for $81,000 and $56 per sq ft. Today, 2010, they are selling for $72,500 and $41 per sq ft. Unfortunately our MLS data only goes back 10 years so I can't see how far back values have gone. But we do know houses are worth less today than they were 10 years ago!!

If you purchased a house in Poinciana Florida in 2006 at $220,500 (average 2006 selling price) and put 20% down ($44,100) today, that house is worth $72,750! Your PITI (principle, interest, taxes, insurance) payment, if you have an interest rate of 6.75%, would be roughly $1,450 per month. You would still owe $168,000. This is 232% of what the house is now worth (LTV). So just to be EVEN on your mortgage, values would have to increase by 132%!! Of course this doesn't include the $44,100 you put down.

So.....should you continue paying? Only you know the answer to that question. Just remember that until values increase by 132% you will STILL be upside down on your mortgage.

If you did decide to do a Strategic Short Sale today and rent a similar house you would save approximately $700 per month. If you invested $400 of that savings at 5% you would have almost $28,000 at the end of 5 years. If you kept your mortgage instead you would still owe $150,500. What would your house be worth in 5 years? I have no clue. But I can only guess that it would not have appreciated 100%. That means if you needed to sale in 5 years you would SILL have to do a Short Sale. Do you take the hit now or take it later?

The numbers are staggering. What say you?

Are you facing foreclosure in Florida?

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The numbers do make sense but if you can afford to pay, the lender may have issues with doing a short sale.

Posted by Wade Kawahara (Dominion Real Estate Partners, LLC) about 10 years ago

Yes, that can be a problem, depending on each individual circumstances. 

Sometimes, a cash contribution and/or promissory note will be required, but the banks other option is the person may have already decided to walk away anyway and it ends up a foreclosure, so sometimes they may agree to the short sale.

Posted by Dawn Barrier in Las Vegas at HOMESMART ENCORE, Homes in Las Vegas Nevada 702-812-4550 (HomeSmart Encore - Las Vegas) about 10 years ago

Hi Dawn. I really appreciate you reblogging my article. I hope all is going well with you.

Posted by Bryant Tutas, Selling Florida one home at a time (Tutas Towne Realty, Inc and Garden Views Realty, LLC) about 10 years ago

Thank you Bryant as you did such a great post and covered some great points and as we all now, Vegas is pretty much in the same situtaion

Posted by Dawn Barrier in Las Vegas at HOMESMART ENCORE, Homes in Las Vegas Nevada 702-812-4550 (HomeSmart Encore - Las Vegas) about 10 years ago

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