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LAS VEGAS HOMES ON MARKET REPORT --Available Homes Inventory on MLS-AUG 9, 2010

Well, it is no surprise to most of us that the inventory of available homes in Las Vegas is increasing.

June's #'s

Unemployment here is a huge issue that will continue to cause problems in the housing market as

No job = No $ to mortgage payment = Las Vegas Short Sale or Las Vegas Foreclosure (JMO)

Las Vegas Single Family Resale Homes Inventory Level is at 11,082  homes per our local MLS. This is for homes without contracts on them.  

Now, this does not cover condos or townhouses, this is just for homes.

Stats are on Resale Single Family homes only per the GLVAR MLS as of this writing, covers the Las Vegas Valley, North Las Vegas, Henderson area.


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Any Stats are on Resale Single Family homes only per the GLVAR MLS as of this writing or as noted,covers the Las Vegas Valley, North Las Vegas, Henderson area or as noted.

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